cyclopusCyclopusCAD® MAMMO is an advanced IT solution, belonging to Class IIa of medical device (93/42/EEC), for breast cancer early detection, designed to be integrated in the mammography workflow and aimed at helping the physician to detect breast cancer in its earliest stages.

CyclopusCAD® MAMMO uses artificial intelligence algorithms developed for the identification of potential lesions on mammographic images. The learning of CyclopusCAD® MAMMO was carried out on a huge database and the performance tested also on the Digital Database for Screening Mammography (DDSM) from South Florida University. The CAD result (standard DICOM SR) can be visualized over the original image through various symbols depending on the lesion typology (mass lesion or microcalcification).

Early cancers are identified by CyclopusCAD® MAMMO using a patented pattern recognition method and sophisticated computer vision technology to analyze images.
A complex artificial intelligence process classifies and marks suspicious regions emphasizing the contours of masses and microcalcifications.



Main characteristics:

  • ANN based software
  • Trained on a huge database analysed by expert senologists
  • The software allows the highlighting of potentially pathologic ROIs on the images


CyclopusCAD® MAMMO is suitable for seamless integration with acquisition systems, Review Workstations and PACS from leading vendors, and can be installed on Review Stations or on Dedicated Hardware

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Input (DICOM Image) / Output (DICOM SR)
CyclopusCAD® MAMMO can receive the mammography images from various kinds of sources, and produces a DICOM SR file which can be then sent to the PACS and/or to a Review Station.







CyclopusCAD® MAMMO can be also provided in a OEM mode to vendors willing to integrate it to their portfolio.


Download Brochure

Download Brochure