Immuno1Over the last years, the role of laboratory analysis as a support for diagnosis and autoimmune diseases monitoring has grown constantly and significantly. For many autoimmune diseases, the diagnosis result is given by the detection and the measuring of the auto-antibodies in the patient’s serum.
The Indirect ImmunoFluorescence (IIF) method is the most used laboratory test for first level analysis.
The automatic auto-antibody detection could be a valid answer to the continuously growing request for autoimmune diseases diagnostic tests, making thus the IIF test more rapid and reliable.
Within this context, CyclopusCAD developed CyclopusCAD® IMMUNO, a product designed to support the diagnosis of autoimmune diseases through IIF images analysis.

The Product

CyclopusCAD® IMMUNO aims at becoming an integrant tool in immunological laboratories to:

  • improve sensitivity thus providing a crucial information to the automatic slide scanning software, in order to efficiently select the areas of interest;
  • improve specificity and provide the physician with the suitable support for false positives percentage reduction.


The product has been designed thanks to the suggestions and contributions of physicians, continuously collaborating with our Company and has been trained over the largest database of IIF images, composing a Gold Standard dataset with more than 1.000 items.

Moreover, the academic roots of the CyclopusCAD spin-off and the participation to national and international projects, enabled the acquirement of huge and various databases of key importance during the phases of training and final adjustment of the product.

Main characteristics:

  • ANN based software
  • Validated on a huge database of IIF images (1.000+)
  • The software allows the recognition and classification of certain patterns on the images


Designed for the classification of the following IIF images patterns:

  • Homogeneous;
  • immuno3Centromere;
  • Speckled fine;
  • Speckled coarse;
  • Nucleolar;
  • Nuclear pore complex;
  • Nuclear dots;







CyclopusCAD® IMMUNO can be also provided in a OEM mode to vendors willing to integrate it to their portfolio.



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