Company Profile

CyclopusCAD S.r.l. is an academic spin-off of the University of Palermo, founded in 2007 and operating in in the Bio-informatics industry, more specifically in the field of Support Systems for clinical diagnosis. The distinctive skills of CyclopusCAD are the result of decades of experience in different sectors of the founding members of the group, made up of physicists, engineers and doctors.

CyclopusCAD was awarded with the first prize at the Start Cup Palermo in 2006 and participated in the 2006 edition of the PNI (National Innovation Award) standing out among the top 10 ideas of Italian companies.
The core business is the production of Computer Aided Detection (CAD) systems, i.e. sophisticated algorithms to detect lesions and diseases in biomedical images, in order to assist physicians in the diagnosis. This kind of tool has been often proposed as a “second reader” of biomedical images, to avoid potential problems linked to tiredness and routine and to reduce the healthcare costs.

The business of CyclopusCAD comes from decades of research in the field of medical imaging and, being addressed to a constantly evolving field, is particularly focused in the scientific and technological research. CyclopusCAD collaborates with the Department of Physics, the Department of Radiological Sciences and the Department of Biopathology of University of Palermo, as well as with other national and international research centers.